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Episode 8: Using Clip Art in LibreOffice

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Episode 8Using images in your documents is a good way to ensure that they give a lasting impression. Whether it is a resume, letter, or flyer you are creating to promote anupcomingevent, LibreOffice makes it easy to add images to your documents, and format them correctly. Traditionally office productivity suites like Microsoft Office have offered clip art which you can include with your documents. Unfortunately the clip art that usually comes with these office programs is less thandesirable. By using LibreOffice, and other resources that are available for free online, you can add some visual impact to your documents.

In this episode I show you how to import the most common image types (jpeg, png) into LibreOffice and arrange them in your documents to create visually striking layouts. I also show you some of my favorite resources for finding images online which you can freely incorporate into your documents.

Show notes:

Open Clip Art (Images in the Public Domain) Flickr Creative Commons (Images shared under various Creative Commons Licenses)